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Endless Summer Hydrangeas

It would be nice to have a blooming hydrangea garden all year round. That is why the amazing endless summer hydrangea variety has been developed. Compared to the common oak leaf hydrangea or any hydrangea variety which only bears flowers during certain times of the year, the endless summer hydrangea provides you with six months of an enviable flower garden filled with full blooms.

If you have an endless summer hydrangea garden, you will have flowers from early summer to the appearance of the first frost. If you live in an area that is milder and warmer, the flowers will continue to bloom until Thanksgiving. Imagine having the only garden in the entire neighborhood to have blooms during that time of the year. The endless summer hydrangea is the only hydrangea that will bloom even when it is hit by the late spring frost.

This particular hydrangea variety was developed in Minnesota. That is where it acquired its hardiness. It can withstand extreme heat and extreme cold. It thrives almost everywhere. If you are a lazy gardener, the endless summer hydrangea is the perfect garden flower for you. Even in extreme weather conditions, the endless summer hydrangea can grow up to a height of five feet. The blooms, after its first year, are as big as eight to ten inches in diameter.

When used as indoor hydrangea flower arrangements, the blooms last relatively longer, too. If you prune the endless summer hydrangea shrubs, they produce more blooms. In some cases, trimming a single stem results in the growth of two stems. Trimming and pruning ensures that you get lush growth each time.

Another amazingly unique characteristic of this hydrangea variety is its ability to produce flowers from old and new growth. A typical hydrangea will only flower from an old growth, thus limiting the colors that can be made each time the acidity and the alkalinity of the soil is changed. It is pink for alkaline soil and blue for acidic soil. The shade of pink and blue varies, because the shade depends on your geographical location and other environmental factors.

During mid to late July, spots will form on the leaves of the endless summer hydrangea. That is a harmless, though unsightly, hydrangea disease that affects young leaves while they expand during the wet periods of early spring. Leave the shrubs alone as the disease may run its course and not return for many years.


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